366 Visions

Original Poetry, Art, and Music by Roger McEvoy Greenawalt

Month: April 2016


With Guest Vision Alannah Farrell

The only thing
Text me in Germs
Soldiers were wounded when
Nuts on my phone
Bad news conference


With Celebrity Vision Alyson Greenfield

Treasure palace of all we will ever know
A lonely boneyard
I can hardly tell
Real from not
We are doing a bad job
Of meeting yesterday

Flora Fauna

With Celebrity Vision Adina Verson

Flora fauna
I wanna
Three fields away
Eyes cry happiness
Candles never burn
Magic burns though
4 times a year
I hear you
I hear you
Hear you

Teenage Monster

With Celebrity Vision Ryan Star

Teenage monster
Please destroy me
Or I will destroy myself with love
In graveyards of lingerie
Let me see the pretty fur
On your army boots

Souls Are Invisble

This house is for sale
And so is my soul
My homeless soul
Lives in a box
Under the BQE
People drive by
But see nothing
Souls are invisible

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