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Month: September 2015 (page 1 of 2)

Bubblegum Summer

With Celebrity Vision Ben Rice

Bubble gum summer
Sticky like you
To your guns to your bones
Stones thrown in a pond
Long hazy drapery
Spit me out quickly
Un blown or swallowed

Shaking Out The Days

With Celebrity Vision Anya Marina

Shaking out the days
Ways to survive
Alive again we make friends
The end in your beginning
Winning personality
Cartoon character
Lucky plays


With Celebrity Vision Emerald Fitzgerald

Sorrow not so bad
Yesterday gray whale
Washed up
Out of reach lover in dreams
Nightshade bed
Unmade shapes of heads leaning together

Expendable Men Of China

With Celebrity Vision Eric Lefcowitz

Expendable men of china
Stay home
Write poems
Flying shoes
Welcome to the bummer
Our flabby empire
Has gone off it’s scary medication

Mere Anarchy

With Celebrity Vision Ben Kweller

Mere Anarchy
Ineffable gas
Openly doormant
Extroversion jeans
Neurotic pickle
Veracity fruit
Default mode network

North Pole

With Celebrity Vision Lise

North Pole stole my wallet
Pet rock jazzed my blues away
Day turns to nightmare
Where are you pudding?
Chimney I was
Saw a volunteer in half

I’m Not Invited To The Barbecue

With Celebrity Vision Erika Bogner

I’m not invited to the barbecue
And neither are you
I’m not invited to the barbecue
And neither are you
I’m not invited to the barbecue


With Celebrity Vision Alison Clancy

I think I need to rethink
My policy of not making out
With Citygirl
Citygirl she’s awful sweet
The liquor store’s on South 2nd Street
I’m pretty light on my feet
Do I need to repeat?


You always knew what to do
In the car in the country
On back road
By waterfall
The symphony sounds like wind
Blowing through trees

The Unsinkable Sun

The unsinkable sun
Fascinates everyone
And when everything’s done
We can go and have fun
We can go and have fun
The unsinkable sun

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