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Month: June 2015 (page 1 of 2)


With Celebrity Vision Kevin Moore

Don’t gloss it over
You’re a goner
Your honor
Guilty on every count
1234 little brat
To praises
On hi fructose


With Celebrity Vision Lise

Up in the air
The sky doesn’t care
It’s blue everywhere
Like you
Down in the pit
The earth never quits
It spits out what is not true

Above The Noise

With Celebrity Vision Jonah Smith

Above the noise
Boys animate machines
Age of furious queens
Glories we told to the doorman
Banshees last seen hurtling
A long lazy glide

She Of Tomorrow

She Of Tomorrow
Will not be a
Sorrow factory.
Assembly line kindness
Shipping crates of gratitude
Deliveries of
Make me happy gas


With Celebrity Vision Sarah Yewande

I hate it when you don’t change
We love to be off center of attention
She won’t
I think you like me
Steady buzzing
Two good pianos


With Celebrity Vision Victoria Reed

Been here before
Things are different
War is broken
Faces cleared customs
Customers glances
Answers slow coming
Stunning bewildered

Fairy Flu

With Celebrity Vision Rachel Trachetenburg

Fairy Flu
I love you
You can’t do a pogo
Stick it.
Science is silent on the subject.
Queen is not a subject.
Paper airplanes
Gig to a ghost.

I’m A Foreigner

With Celebrity Vision Caroline PiPP

I’m a foreigner
When I see your face
Can I be from same place
as you?
Wet blue ball
Floating through space
I’m a foreigner
When I see your face.

Feast Of Reason

With Celebrity Vision Anya Marina

Feast of reason
Flow of soul
Of Rock and Roll
Stolen moment
Given back
IBM a Univac
Khaki coloured
Soldier boy
Beaty in
A drop of joy

Cindy In A Glass

With Celebrity Vision Eva Bartels

Follows my days
Like night
With a slight limp
I call my sadness
Cindy in a glass
She rolls for laughs
Crashes couches
For Christmas

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