366 Visions

Original Poetry, Art, and Music by Roger McEvoy Greenawalt

Month: October 2015

Everybody’s A Guppy

With Celebrity Vision Bill Beckley

Everybody’s a guppy
A slippery goldfish
Trapped inside
An aquarium
Of our mind
Doing time
In a prison of a body
One day
We shall be released

Red Brick

With Celebrity Vision Paul Myers

Red Brick
Thick as a flute
Dilute appreciation
Twist & Shutterbug
Drug of choice
Voice leading down the wrong path

Hooray The Band Is Here

With Celebrity Vision Terry Radigan

The band is here
Let’s disappear today
Climb up flimsy fire escape
Tape the explanation
The band is here
The van is out of gas

Dear Deer

Dear Deer
Mistreated you
By shooting you
And eating you
Who knew it was wrong?
Now I do
My song began
In 1962
Forgive me Deer
I had no clue

I Made The Blizzard

I made the blizzard.
I admit it.
I did it.
To make you stay.
It was the only way.
It worked.
We played
And danced,
With our fingers.

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